Price and performance information for exhibitors
We offer inexpensive stands inside or outside the exhibition tent.

Row stand in the tent per square meter € 43.00 (specified stand depth 3 m)
example: a 3 x 3 m stand costs € 387.00; a 5 x 3m stand € 645.00.

Corner stand in the tent € 52.00 per square meter (specified stand depth 3 m)
example: a 3 x 3 m stand costs € 468.00; a 5 x 3m stand € 780.00

Head stand in the tent € 60.00 per square meter (specified stand width of 6 m)
example: costs a 3 x 6 m stand € 1080.00; a 5 x 6 m stand € 1,800.00

Special stand in the tent 3 m long and 2 m deep
This 3 x 2 m stand costs € 300.00.
The number of these stands is limited.

Row stand outside € 39.00 per square meter
example: a 3 x 3 m stand costs € 351.00;
a 5 x 3m stand € 585.00.

The stand prices include:
• 5 exhibitor passes
• 1 parking permit
• 1 x power connection with an output of 1.2 KW (additional requirements for an extra charge)


Manufacturers and/or distributors of rc model kits and/or rc model engines can take part in the airshow. The quantity of pilots and models is dependent on the booth size:

Booth length   3 –   5 m:         maximum 4 pilots with maximum 4 models
Booth length   6 – 10 m:         maximum 6 pilots with maximum 6 models
Booth length 11 – xx m:         maximum 8 pilots with maximum 8 models

Special stand 3 x 2 m:             maximum 1 pilot with maximum 1 model

Pilots are allowed to fly for different manufacturers/distributors in their slot(s). But it is only allowed to present one and the same model only for one  manufacturer/distributor. 

To ensure an acceptable flight time for each pilot  we reserve the right to change the number of pilots and/or rc models.

Generally 2.4 GHz radio control equipment ist allowed; exceptions only according to prior agreement of ProWing orga team.

Pilots are only allowed to fly for the company which they are registered for. Further manufacturers of rc model parts (f. e. servos, radios, battery/servo switches, landing gears etc. ) can be introduced by our airshow announcer as far as these manufacturers are exhibitors at ProWing International.

ERS Event GbR
Andreas Engel
Eberhäuser Weg 24
D- 37139 Adelebsen-Güntersen

Important: RC Flying models with more than 25 Kg weight need an approval.
Please make sure you have all necessary documents and hand them in at the latest 30. March 2023 to: Andreas 

ProWing International
ERS Event GbR

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