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Peter Ritters

Tel.: 02154-1022

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ProWing north Flugplatz Soest-Bad Sassendorf

Inventory order for their booth at the ProWing north International

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For our booth we would like to order the following inventary:

padded chair (15,-EUR / each)     quantity
stand-up bistro (45,-EUR / each)     quantity
cabin 1x1m (90,-EUR / each)     quantity
cabin 2x1m (120,-EUR / each)     quantity
counter 1x0,5x1m, lockable (122,-EUR / each)     quantity
table 80x80 cm with chromium table-legs (35,-EUR / each)     quantity
table 120x80 cm with chromium table-legs (38,-EUR / each)     quantity
barstool Swing (22,-EUR / each)     quantity
showcase high (230,-EUR / each)     quantity
showcase low (150,-EUR / each)     quantity
plate border, height: 17,5 cm (15,-EUR / each meter)     meter
bus bar for ERCO spotlights (20,-EUR / each meter)     meter
ERCO-spotlight (18,-EUR / each)     quantity
ERCO busbar incl. 3 soptlights 2 meter (75,-EUR / each)     quantity
carpet rep (15,-EUR each sqm)     sqm
boot wall (31,-EUR / each meter)     meter
picnic (beer) tables and benches (10,-EUR / each set)     quantity

Attencion: If you want to install one ERCO spotlight you also need a plate border an a bus bar

Hereby we order a "complete booth package" (cbp).

CBP with the following:

Carpeting, walls, 1 plate border (height 30cm, white at the front booth, with company name in black) max. 15 letters, each additional letter 2.60 Euro. Company logo or special colors on request.

CBP up to 20 sqm booth size: (45,-EUR / each sqm)     sqm
CBP more than 20 sqm booth size: (42,-EUR / each sqm)     sqm

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